Do Shutters Come In Different Colours?

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May 26, 2021
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June 17, 2021

Yes. Shutters do come in different colours. Dependent on the style of shutter they will differ from range to range with how many colours are available.

Most people purchase shutters for their elegance, quality and luxury. Like no other product on the market for your windows, interior window shutters is completely bespoke, available in many designs, shapes and colours. They’re highly practical, easy to maintain and the only window dressing on the market to add value to your property.

Popular Shutter Colours

Our most popular window shutter colours are the paler shades; we’re talking whites, creams, greys that give an effortlessly classic look.

Many people will select neutral colours, or as near to a natural wood colour as possible, but many interior designers opt for shades that make much more of a statement such as chai, still subtle yet stunningly beautiful.

And those who also live and breathe interior design, will tell you white isn’t just white. You can choose from softer tones like traffic white or cream, and you will never look back.

Neutral colours offer not just an effortless look, but they can also be paired with different window dressing such as colourful, bold curtains.

When done right, shutters and curtains can be paired but it all depends on the colours chosen. Go check out our guide to pairing shutters and curtains.

All of our shutters come with a finish of your choosing from our colour range, included in the price. Simply pick from the colour and finish you desire from the swatches our consultant will bring to your appointment.

We also off a custom colour match, for this service, there will be an additional cost.

Custom Colour Shutters

Regardless of how extensive our range of colours is, there will always be an occasion when the exact shade to match your décor is just not there.

Here at Shuttertec, we can create bespoke shutters to perfectly match your home décor. We have gained the expertise to allow us to match many brands.

Whether it is Dulux, Crown, Valspar or Farrow & Bell, you can make a statement that will match the true artist you are. Just provide us with either a reference number or a particular shade, a colour swatch and we will do the rest!

This way your window shutters can perfectly match your home, whether that be the same tone as your cushions, a piece of wallpaper, or your painted wall.

Types Of Shutters

Shutters are the best window dressing on the market; they’re durable, long-lasting and require very little maintenance. There is a wide variety of window shutters to choose from on the market.

Once you have chosen the design, colour and material, knowing which shutters are best suited to your home can be difficult. The most popular styles are Full Height Shutters and Tier On Tier Shutters as they are the most versatile and traditional.

Our full range of window shutters include:

  • Tier On Tier Shutters – The ultimate light and privacy shutter. We recommend that Tier On Tier Shutters are fitted into tall windows, ideally with a 50/50 slit due to panel rail sizes.
  • Café Style Shutters – Cover a portion of the window and look amazing in kitchens and dining room.
  • Waterproof Shutters – Made from high-quality faux wood and are perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms, laundry rooms and anywhere high in humidity.
  • Blackout Shutters – Ideal for bedrooms, these shutters have a discreet blackout blind fitted snugly behind the shutter panel, offering total blackout when closed. Great if you’re a shift worker or work in a nursery.
  • Solid Panel Shutters – Look amazing in traditional or period homes yet don’t offer as much versatility as they don’t have louvres.
  • Shaped Shutters – Ideal for unusually shaped windows including circles, triangles, arches and Dorma windows.
  • Custom Colour Shutters – the colour of your chosen shutters can be matched to paint colour of your choice.
  • Tracked Shutters – perfect for bi-folding doors or patio doors. They also make a great room divider for open planned homes. 

Or check out our Quick Guide To Shutters for more information.

Get In Touch

We hope we have answered your question “Do Shutters Come In Different Colours?”. If you would like more information about our colours and the bespoke design tailormade for your homes, get in touch with our experts today.

Here at Shuttertec, we provide bespoke shutters to the Essex, Kent and London areas. We have over 20 years of combined experience with shutters and blinds and we offer a truly unrivalled service.

If you have any questions about Shutters, you can contact us on 0800 023 5754 or email to discuss your requirements. The Shuttertec team can visit your home and measure your space if required, before advising you on the best shutters for your home. If you would prefer to book an appointment, simply pick a time and date that is best for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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