Express Shutters

Ideal for those who need a fast turnaround

With the lead time for shutters typically between 9-12 weeks, not everyone can afford to wait such a time, our express option is an attractive proposition. Luxaflex shutters are available in your home within 3 weeks. UK Manufactured vinyl shutters that come with a 25 year guarantee – more than any other supplier on the market – are light weight yet extremely durable. These shutters will not warp, fade, crack or chip and are completely backed by Luxaflex themselves.

  • Available in 3 colours
  • Only in 63mm or 89mm louvres
  • Shutters available in as little as 3 weeks
  • UK manufactured
  • 25 year material guarantee
  • Available in all the usual shutter styles
  • Suitable for every room in the house

Our Express Wood option is also available.* Ideally for those who have standard square windows only, we can now have these delivered in a lead time that averages just 21 days. Manufactured by our usual supplier these are flown to us direct instead of being shipped by sea and greatly reduces the lead time.

  • Available in the standard wood colours
  • Available in 63/76/89/114mm louvres
  • Averages around 21 days.
  • Same high quality Chinese supplier
  • Same Shuttertec warranty
  • Standard square windows only
*The service carries a surcharge

Examples of Luxaflex shutters.