Claygate – Custom Colour Shutters

Shutters Project Essex
November 6, 2017
July 13, 2017

It’s not often we get to explore the world of custom coloured shutters, but when we do we grasp it with both hands.
This client approached us after a recommendation from another customer, wanting something completely bespoke. They had a little onstreet cottage with low windows that took everyones glance as they walked past.
The idea was to cover the windows but keep the shutters looking unobtrusive as possible. The customer had already painted their windows before arrival and we deliberated on spec and colour choice, wondering whether white would look right. In the end, the customer opted to have their shutters colour matched to their windows. This particular paint is a Valspar painted called Dusky Parakeet.

Upstairs, a more basic approach keeping things simple with white.

Spec: 89mm Louvres, Central rod, Aruba hardwood. ‘Dusky Parakeet’ downstairs with Pure White up.